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Work With Me

Before our session together, I will send you a questionnaire so that I am aware of your background, what is coming up for you and what you want to gain from Intuitive Healing. This will make our time more productive and focused so that you can gain as much from it as possible.

My sessions can either be in person (if you are local) or via Zoom and they last for either 60 or  90 minutes each. I suggest that if our session is online, you are in a quiet comfortable space, where you won’t be disturbed.

You may like to have a candle burning, or a blanket and pillow nearby to create a more relaxing space. Some people like to jot down notes or thoughts as they come up, so that they can revisit them at a later point.

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Everyone’s reaction to the healing is very personal to them, so I can’t explicitly say you will feel a certain way afterwards.

Depending on what we work on you may feel very emotional or tired afterwards - this is just your energy adjusting to a new way of being.

You may also feel very free, lighter, less ‘fuzzy.’ Whatever the feeling, always take rest afterwards and just ‘be’ for a while to let your mind settle.


You will see from the feedback I have received below, just how different each person’s experience is:

“I had a wonderful session with Dawn. The intention was to look into my fear.  Firstly, Dawn created a safe and peaceful space in which to work which enabled me to fully explore this pattern.  By the end of the session, I had an amazing feeling of joy and freedom.  Plus a couple of weeks on from our session, I realised that the pattern had completely gone.  Thank you Dawn.”


“Thank you so much for today ! My heart is buzzing with happiness.You helped me to listen to, respect and hear my body as well as release negativity and connect to my inner wisdom and also to my own path (literally) and inner joy! I found the imagery of releasing everything through the tap to be very powerful.”


“I felt a bit tired afterwards, but once I had time to rest I felt great and it lasted all last week. My vibrations seems to have lifted. 


“The turning point was being given the words ‘Peace Within’ and my response to the feeling I had with them. I have since felt in flow with my work, and it’s been easy to put things into action. I feel so clear with my way forward, I have never felt this before.”

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