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Business Growth Specialist

A service tailored to you and your business.

Feel free to browse Dawn’s range of services, and request a free no-obligation business consultation to explore which services would support your business.


Goal setting – Dawn can help you to identify where you want the business to go.

Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – Accelerated growth has to be built on solid foundations.  Together with Dawn, you will identify challenges specific to your business and develop defences against them in the future and build on your opportunities alongside  highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. 

Business one page plan – A monthly one page document that describes all the key factors behind your business's success, maps them out in a logical way and links your goals, success drivers and eventual results. It acts as an early warning system highlighting the gaps between your actual performance and your targets, and helps you create an action plan for closing these gaps. And it will do all of this on a single A4 sheet of paper.

Dawn Clarkson Business Coaching

Business planning and forecasting – Dawn will prepare a 12 month cash flow and profit and loss forecast, broken down month by month. This will be in a format suitable for presentation to your bank manager.  You can use this to make continuous improvements, as it will give you improved clarity and focus, and greater confidence in your decision-making.

Need help with setting systems up or implementing them? 

Dawn can help set up reliable robust systems, processes and procedures.

Team Development – Dawn will help motivate and improve employee engagement, working in the most efficient way, projecting a positive manner to your clients.

Management review meetings – Every 90 days, Dawn will attend your key business meetings as a resource to help you focus and extract maximum value from every session. Dawn can provide a bespoke service – from silent observer to adjudicator, technical advisor to independent sounding board, chairman to minute taker, or even as a facilitator for brainstorming sessions.

Follow up calls – Real business success comes through taking action. These calls in between meetings provide an opportunity to keep those actions on track and examine any barriers to achieving them.

Personal balance sheet – Knowing where you are now helps you plan for the future. The personal balance sheet is a key document showing your net worth. 


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Dawn Clarkson Business Coaching