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About Dawn

About Dawn

Experienced Intuitive Healer

I haven't always been an Intuitive Healer (actually I have, but I probably wasn’t wholly aware of it!). 

My working life has mainly been spent running my own accountancy business. I went from working from my kitchen table to employing over 30 people; I even won awards for the accounting practice that I built up. It goes without saying, running and scaling a business on my own was not easy! There was a lot of stress, difficult decision making and sometimes it felt like I was walking through treacle. 

However, no matter what dilemma or situation I found myself in, I always listened to my intuition. I’d remove myself from the noise of the office and just sit with whatever was coming up, and wait for my intuition to speak to me. Tuning into my intuition actually helped me make some of the best decisions for my business, and most importantly the people in it. 

About me
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One of the main roles I took on was being a mentor to other business owners. This had a profound effect on me and my intuitive gift really started to shine. During mentoring sessions I would often get comments like 'Dawn, you've hit the nail on the head' or 'your insight is like a laser.'

These comments weren't directed at the business, but at the owner because I could sense, see and feel what the blockages were that were preventing progress at a personal level. 

And guess what? After clearing these blockages, removing old programming that kept my clients stuck, they were able to see clearly for themselves - almost like a 2nd pair of eyes.

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